I have been working out at Boulder Strength since June. It has been wonderful and having Jeremy train me has been extremely helpful. The equipment is always clean, and sanitized and I have felt very comfortable going there. Jeremy does an incredible job with all of the workouts. He has a plan and purpose for each session. He is helping me work on muscle weakness that I have as a runner such as hips, core, back. Jeremy is also a wonderful person: patient, kind and a great listener.


I’ve experienced nearly every gym and trainer in town. Boulder Strength is, by far, the best fitness/wellness/nutrition facility in Boulder. My physical, psychological and mental  transformation resulting from working with Jed Glass has positively impacted  my personal and professional life beyond all expectations. If you’re ready to change your life, and the course of your life, go with Boulder Strength and don’t look back.


Jed and Jeremy take a lot of care in keeping the place clean and sanitized. They also keep an air filter running continuously. I am a long time client who owe’s a lot to Jed and Jeremy for my healthy habits and fitness. Their expertise in fitness, nutrition and supplements is noteworthy. Most of all they make the sessions fun! They are the best in the business!


Working out with Jeremy every week is both fun and effective.  With my busy work schedule, I don’t have a lot of spare time for exercise. Jeremy’s workouts are always custom tailored to how my body is feeling…not pushing too hard, but always keeping me on track or sometimes taking me to the next level. Jeremy has a great personality and is endlessly patient.


I’ve been training with Jed for several years, and he hasn’t let me down yet. He tailors programs to fit my life and goals, which have ranged from general fitness, to ski performance, to rehab for several serious knee injuries. He has some serious knowledge about physiology and always seems to know how to fix any weird pain or imbalances that crop up!


During a challenging year, being able to workout at Boulder Strength has been such a positive experience. I always leave in a better mood than when I arrived.  I want a training session to be fun, challenging, safe and effective and you get the whole experience with Jeremy.  He is prepared each session but quick to come up with a different exercise if I have an ache or pain that might be cause for changing things up.


The best personal training in Boulder! The trainers customize workouts based on you. I’ve trained with them through many phases of my life: from pre-3-babies, through post pregnancy. They have helped me reach my goals while also staying compassionate to where I’m at in my own life. The space is welcoming, inviting, everyone talks and laughs together, and I learn something new every time I go.


Are there better trainers in Boulder?! Jeremy and Jed combine experience, professionalism and humor. Their knowledgeable of physiology, anatomy, kinesiology and nutrition enhance the training. They are flexible and customize training for each individual, even within the same friend/family unit, often at the same time! They take their work very seriously and we all benefit! The training sessions are always challenging, yet we laugh a lot too. They are great guys, and the training is almost a bonus for simply spending time with them.


I have been working out with Jeremy weekly now for the past 6 years. He is a dedicated and patient trainer. No two workouts are the same and he is consistently challenging me to become my best self. Over the past year, Jeremy has been flexible and innovative, offering more possibilities as a trainer, including zoom sessions when needed and ensuring a fun and clean workout atmosphere at Boulder Strength. He is a great listener, and I always look forward to his advice on handling life’s stressors. You can’t beat the workout /therapy hour! I can not recommend Jeremy’s talent enough.


Boulder Strength is simply the best…studio, location and most importantly Jeremy and Jed…top notch trainers who really care about and individualize training sessions for each client.  Truly the best hour of every week!


Jeremy has been my personal trainer since 2009, and I can’t imagine working with anyone else. He provides the perfect combination of expert knowledge and encouragement, and is the first to offer positive words when I succeed, but doesn’t nag or scold when I fall short.


I learned about Boulder Strength through a friend after quarantine and more than ever needed to make a change! So thankful for the support and coaching from Jeremy! I drive in from Westminster and wouldn’t go anywhere else!


With 15+ years of experience in the fitness world, Jeremy demonstrates his knowledge and wisdom again and again. When I complete my workout, I feel “cooked” but always feel better having worked my body, including doing flexibility, to the max. Jeremy and Jed are a terrific team. They each bring their skills and have a beautiful rhythm of working together with their clients.


I have been working out with Jeremy twice a week. I am a senior so my goals are to maintain my core strength, muscle mass and balance. Jeremy is so encouraging and supportive. He always checks in at the start of each session to see how I am feeling, what problems I might be having, and if there is anything special I want to work on. I always feel that I have accomplished something when I leave and look forward to the next session.