Jeremy Steen

Founder / Personal Trainer

Jeremy has been a personal trainer for 19 years. He began his career in Washington, DC working for Washington Sports Club. After several years he moved to Boulder and started his long tenure at Rallyport Health and Fitness. After almost 17 years, and pressured by the Covid Pandemic, Jeremy saw a strong need and an opportunity to move to a smaller, more private studio setting. On June 2, 2020 he opened Boulder Strength.

While his surroundings may have changed over the years, his genuine passion for helping others live their healthiest, best life hasn’t changed at all. Indeed, Jeremy’s love for health, wellness and longevity runs deep. He’s personally and keenly invested in his clients’ personal success and their overall well being.

Jeremy uses his educational certification background with NASM, Poliquin Biosignature, Precision Nutrition and PICP to identify his clients’ greatest needs in nutrition, movement, flexibility and strength.  He believes that no two clients are the same and finding what works best for each individual is paramount to helping each client achieve their goals. In addition, it takes a delicate balance of different movement types and intensities, as well as planned nutrition and supplementation to achieve one’s goals.

Ultimately, it is in helping his clients feel strong, healthy and happy that Jeremy finds his greatest reward. He is constantly striving to help his clients thrive in living longer, stronger and more fit lives.