Jen Aument

Personal Trainer

Jen Aument has been teaching groups and individuals in multiple practices from yoga, strength, and Foundation Training over the last 5 years. She teaches clients to approach strength training in an embodied way, encouraging them to bring that mindfulness to the rest of their day. Its about lifting intelligently and intentionally so thatwe may build resilience and keep doing the activities we love well into old age.

As an adolescent, she began teaching horseback riding lessons to youth and adults alike. This helped to develop the visual skill needed to understand structural imbalances in humans and animals. Her interest in anatomy and physiology lead to a Bachelor’s of Science in Kinesiology. Working and living on a farm took a toll on her body and she realized that being active and working “hard” was not enough to look and feel good. 2016 marks the year that Jen began her journey with lifting progressively heavier weights to make up from overuse and lack of proper movement awareness.

In 2017, Jen moved to Boulder in pursuit of a Rolfing® certificate with a fresh 200-hour Hatha Yoga teaching certificate in hand. Strength training brings it all together as clients learn to find strength and trust with their body. Jen finds joy in the moments where her clients realize their strength, capability and note pain reduction/elimination.